Vitavox (A Division of Secomak Ltd.)

Vitavox (a division of Secomak Ltd) has been providing military communication systems for MoDs for over 80 years for use on land and at sea. Systems include loudspeakers, microphones, headsets and other sound reproducing equipment and Vitavox remain one of Britain’s true audio-defence manufacturers of the highest specification. Designed and developed in the UK, Vitavox’s reputable engineering team can craft both bespoke and off-the-shelf audio equipment.

Vitavox military equipment includes:

  • Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeaker
  • 3in 4W Loudspeaker Unit
  • Type B90 Microphone
  • Type B60 Microphone
  • Emergency Handset
  • UHF Headset
  • Magnetic Loop Headset
  • Submarine Loudspeaker
  • Compact Submarine Loudspeaker
  • LockCom Naval Intercom System

It is our belief at Vitavox that ‘Shout before you shoot’ should be a required doctrine and mounted as standard on all military vehicles in order to reduce risk, escalation of violence and collateral damage to both operational and civilian personnel. Vitavox recently signed a contract with General Dynamics UK to provide the Scout SV programme with the Outacom Public Address System; which enables the ‘Shout before you Shoot’ doctrine to be used in the streets and battlefields.

Naval Headsets Naval Headsets

Vitavox manufacture a range of headsets and headphones for use both on land and at sea. The UHF receive only headset was designed in conjunction with the BAE systems for the UK MoD Astute Programme to replace the current magnetic loop main broadcast systems on-board naval systems.

The MagLoop is designed for use with a ship’s main broadcast mag loop system. Both the UHF and MagLoop headset provide passive noise attenuation for ambient or background noises about 80dB, perfect for use in engine rooms and other high noise areas.

Naval Microphones and Handsets

The Type B60 Microphone is completely watertight and ruggedized in design and is intended for use in exposed military and marine conditions. The robust construction allows for total immersion in water and can withstand heavy handling. An ATEX version is available for use in flammable environments.

Naval Microphone - Type B60 Watertight Microphone Naval Noise Cancelling Microphones and Handsets - Type B90

Emergency Naval HandsetThe handheld, press-to-talk B90 Microphone is designed to withstand shock and vibration that may be encountered in harsh naval and military conditions. The B90 is fully watertight and a noise cancelling version is available.

 The Battery-Powered Emergency Handset is a point-to-point communication device used primarily for emergency audio communications in the event of a power outage or other issues with the main broadcast systems.

Multiple handsets can form a hard-wired, stand alone, non-interfering communication channel which is unaffected by signal barrier caused by bulk heads and other metal work.

Naval Loudspeakers

The 2183/4 Main Broadcast Loudspeaker and Loud Hailer can be deployed as either main broadcast loud hailers or intercom loudspeakers and can reliably operate under the harshest military and naval conditions. This loudspeaker has been shock tested to 70G and waterproof to IP67, and can be currently seen in action on the HMS Edinburgh, HMS Illustrious, HMS Somerset and others.

Main Broadcast  Intercom Loudspeaker The 41KG - waterproof  - shock proof and pressure tight loudspeaker

The 41KG, waterproof, shock proof and pressure tight loudspeaker are cone type designed for use in external positions on submarines and submersible vessels. Deployed as either a main broadcast loud hailer, intercom loudspeaker or as sound reproducing equipment and will cover the most demanding of ship situations. This loudspeaker is pressure tested to 69dB and fully watertight to IP68.

The Compact Submarine Loudspeaker is waterproof (IP68), pressure proof down to 703m and shock tested to 70G for use as an external broadcast or intercom loudspeaker in marine environments on board military class submarines and submersible vessels. The Compact Submarine Loudspeaker can also act as a talk back microphone for use in the submarine diver chamber.

The Compact Submarine Loudspeaker Rugged Naval Loudspeaker

The 3inch 4Watt loudspeaker is reliable on land and at sea due to its fully watertight and shock proof to 70G features. This lightweight speaker in capable of continuous operation without failure or loss of quality and is ideally suited for use on critical communication systems.

Vitavox Submarine IntercomNaval Intercoms

LockCom Submarine Dive Chamber Intercom System is a pressure proof, blast proof and watertight intercom system enabling embarking and disembarking divers to contact the on board control room. The system was designed for use in the dive chamber and consists of Vitavox design and developed audio equipment.

The LockCom naval intercom system consists of a hand free pressure proof (69bar) loudspeaker/microphone on the; wet side' and a waterproof broadcast loudspeaker and waterproof microphone with communications unit on the 'dry side'. The system can be fully integrated with on board communications or used as a stand alone intercom system.

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