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Defence Microporous Insulation. ThermoDyne is a complete thermal solutions provider capable of producing microporous insulation, designing high performance thermal insulation systems, and fabricating every component needed for a thermal management solution. Our systems are the most efficient insulation solutions currently available in the market today for a variety of applications. ThermoDyne’s microporous insulation systems possess a thermal conductivity lower than that of still air, which minimizes all modes of heat transfer simultaneously, requiring a minimum of space and weight.
Supplier Categories: Engineering, Microporpous Insulation
Trident Space & Defense, headquartered in Torrance, California, specialises in high-reliability electronics components, innovative semiconductor packaging, survivable data storage, and ultra-rugged solid state drives (SSDs). Trident also designs and operates turnkey ground stations for national space agencies. For over 30 years, Trident has delivered high-reliability electronic components and subsystems to the aerospace and defence industries.Rugged Military Solid State Drives with NAND Flash for Military, Army and Aerospace Applications.
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