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The Survitec Group has over 150 years’ experience in the design, and manufacture of leading-edge products developed to offer unsurpassed protection in every environment. We have unrivalled expertise and knowledge in providing technologically advanced products to those customers who demand the best. Our quality control procedures and innovative designs ensure our products are the safest and most reliable on the market.

Safety and survivability are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s in the provision of lifesaving equipment such liferafts and lifejackets or marine evacuation systems for large passenger vessels; ensuring mission success with our new generation pilot flight equipment (anti-G suits) for Typhoon and JSF; or providing a rapid response humanitarian relief with our Air Beam Structures for housing victims of major disasters, you can be assured of high quality products and a full support service you can rely on.

Naval LifepreserversNaval Lifepreservers

With over 5 decade’s experience in lifejacket design and manufacture, the Survitec Group is the number one choice supplier for some of the biggest organisations worldwide.

We offer a broad range of naval and maritime lifejackets, suitable for any safety requirement on virtually any vessel type. At Survitec we are proud of our lifejacket heritage which has set the benchmark for quality and performance in the industry.

Multi-seater Liferafts

Liferafts are possibly the most important piece of equipment on board any vessel. At Survitec we bring together the top names in the industry to ensure our liferafts are the most secure and reliable on the market. Our vast range of liferafts ensures we can always find a product to match any of our customers’ requirements.

Multi-seater Liferafts Multi-seater Liferafts - Suriva Liferaft

From small transport crafts to large military vessels and naval fleets we offer an extensive range of off-the-shelf products or customised solutions to fit your safety requirements. With a worldwide customer base, including over 30 international navies, Survitec is without doubt the market leader in this field.

Single Seater Liferafts

Single Seat Liferafts are designed and qualified to the highest standards for the military aircrew of fast jets and helicopters and for special missions. Designed for single person occupancy, the Single Seat Liferaft is manufactured from high frequency welded polyurethane proofed nylon ensuring its durability even in the most extreme circumstances.

Single Seater Naval Liferafts Single Seater Liferafts

Now the sole supplier of the Single Seat Liferaft (RFD LRU23P) to the US Navy NACES program, we are currently developing solutions for the next generation of fighter aircraft, including JSF, EF2000 (Typhoon), JPATS and T-38.

Submarine Escape Equipment

Survitec pioneered the development of Submarine Escape Technology in 1952. Designed to provide protection for submariners from a stricken submarine, we offer a full range including single skinned suits with integrated liferafts, escape jerkins, inflatable abandonment suits, external submarine liferaft systems and freeboard extenders.

Submarine Escape Equipment Submarine Escape Equipment

With emphasis on functionality and reliability whilst minimising bulk and weight burden, Survitec Submarine Escape & Immersion Equipment (SEIE) solutions are currently in service with over 9 international Navies and have regularly proven their operational readiness during ESCAPEX.

Marine Evacuation Systems

The RFD Marin Ark Evacuation System (MES) epitomises everything that the Survitec Group stands for - a premium product, offering unparalleled safety coupled with real value for money. A totally unique design comprising of four 100+ fully reversible liferafts, two fully enclosed chutes and one stowage unit, no rival has come close to developing anything as safe or effective.

Marine Evacuation Systems Marine Evacuation Systems

Since its conception in 1996 our Research and Development Team has worked tirelessly to continuously improve and extend the Marin Ark range. The result - an enviable MES portfolio to suit any operator requirements, making RFD Marin Ark the number one system of choice.

Inflatable and Semi-Rigid Boats

Since 1931 Survitec has pioneered the design and manufacture of Rescue Boats making them the safest and most popular vessels on water. Combining quality, efficiency, speed and reliability our range of inflatable, semi rigid and customised crafts couple operator friendly and advanced performance capabilities with durability and innovative design.

Inflatable and Semi-Rigid Boats Inflatable and Semi-Rigid Naval Boats

Essential items for use in inland, offshore and seagoing shipping, as well as for military and leisure applications Survitec Rescue Boats are the most versatile crafts in the market.

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