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Sascal Displays, Design and Manufacture a successful range of Flat Panel Displays that are used for Driver, Commander and Crew. These are currently fitted to a range of fighting vehicles in operational use.

Military Flat Panel Displays

Military Flat Panel DisplaysThe Display range, consist of 8.4" for Driver and 10.4" for Commander and Crew Display Other sizes are available such as 5.7" or 12.1". All of these offer bespoke features, and are programmable for current or future requirements. The displays are 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution and will accept other formats. They will take and display multiple video inputs, buffered video outputs, including PAL/NTSC and VGA. They are able to display multiple picture-in-picture options to ensure all customer requirements are met. They have approved vehicle power supplies and have options for button functions. The displays communications are via 232, 422, 485, or CAN-Bus.

Portable Digital Video Recording

Portable Video RecordingIn addition to our Display range we offer Portable Digital Video Recording. Our systems have been jointly developed by H264 and Wavelet Technology. These are for use by Police Force and Armies that need to record warfare and review possible IED ’s from the user’s perspective, for accountability purposes. The DVR unit can be connected to a vehicle, or attached to the person. The cameras can be set to record video only upon release of the safety, in user-switchable recording mode where the user decides when to record, or in continuous recording mode.

Rugged Military Displays

Rugged Military DisplaysCurrent Customers connect to a video source such as a video camera, ground sensor, weapon sight etc. H264/Wavlet compresses video to the H264 standard. Data is recorded on solid state memory. This enables instant playback or monitoring. It can also play back a video stream to any PC, TV or standard video monitor.

Sascal Displays has been designing and manufacturing high quality electronic equipment since 1994. It operates from 1 site, being located at Hayes, Middlesex (4 miles from Heathrow Airport), UK. SDL provides engineering, equipment and support to the Defence, Radar, Medical and Commercial sectors.

Military Users

Land, Sea & Air for Situational Awareness, Weapon Platforms & Simulation

  • UK MOD
  • BAE Systems
  • Selex
  • Ultra
  • Thales
  • Many overseas clients

We have considerable experience in the areas of electronic design and manufacturing systems, and has demonstrated to various prime contractors in the UK and overseas that they can deliver quality products on time, with total support and value.

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Sascal Displays Ltd. (SDL) has been designing and manufacturing high quality electronic equipment since 1994. We operate from two sites, being...
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