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Strategic systems engineering, naval obsolescence, intelligent ruggedised computing, tempest LCD and communications solutions

Dicoll have over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of rugged displays and touchscreen computer systems for the military. Leveraging extensive expertise in systems integration, electrical/mechanical design, and MIL environmental qualification together with a complete line of rugged embedded computer boards and enclosures, Dicoll are able to ensure high reliability, military standard build quality and exceptional technical support.

We have extensive in-house facilities that include, 2D & 3D CAD design, electronic design, electronic and mechanical assembly, mechanical prototyping, environmental and EMC chambers and systems testing. At Dicoll we can undertake customisation tasks ranging from complete development programs for special applications to changes in paint finish or special silk screening on standard products. The interactive repair department is also equipped to undertake the installation of interactive and touchscreen solutions on site if required.

Strategic systems engineering

Dicoll ltd offers strategic systems engineering and development partnerships for naval, aerospace, defence, transportation, and industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We specialise in the rapid design and production of rugged embedded computing and communication subsystems for Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)-constrained military, aerospace, and homeland defence applications. Our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf LCD and LED screens and touchscreens, data collection systems and computers provide highly reliable command, control, computing and communication (C4) capabilities for situational awareness and mobile data processing in airborne, ground vehicle, and naval installations. Dicoll also helped in the development and manufacture of the Mine Analysis equipment that allows navy minesweepers to identify type and origination of submerged mines

Intelligent ruggedised computingRuggedised Computing

Dicoll serve a large, diverse group of military, naval and commercial contractors developing intelligent, ruggedised computing and communications solutions for harsh field environments, boasting strong customer relationships with numerous UK government contractors, military branches, aeronautics, transportation, energy and telecommunications giants. Key customers include Atlas Elecktronik, BAE Systems, Thales, Samsung and O2 and Naval services across the globe.

Communications solutions

Because of the broad applications for embedded computing technology, Dicoll’s products can be found on land, air, and sea, performing system monitoring, data logging, diagnostics, communication, and sub-system control. Typically customers outsource their complete computer hardware platform along with BIOS and device driver support. This partnership enables customers to maintain focus on their core competencies or end application software development.

Dicoll offer rapid turnkey systems integration and development services, designing complete embedded computer systems tailor-made to customer requirements through the use of company’s seasoned in-house engineering, testing, and production expertise to facilitate the process from rapid concept to prototype and production.

Tempest LCD Solutions Tempest LCD

Our unparalleled ability to supply and maintain LCD and touchscreen monitors, from complete solutions to individual components,  allows us to offer intelligent solutions such as Military and commercial training simulators, RADA specific screens for the RAF, daylight visible screens for use on mobile bomb disposal units, command and control units and intelligent tempest LCD solutions. Dicoll have been contracted to manufacture on board Tempest LCD and Panel PC solutions for a number of military and naval installations. Dicoll was one of the first companies in the UK to work with and supply touchscreens in the very early 1970's and we have continued to work at the cutting edge of the display and touchscreen industry ever since.

Naval ObsolescenceNaval Obsolescence

In these times of tough budgets when the expense of new projects cannot be justified, it is often necessary to invest in maintaining and upgrading the existing hardware to continue running with the original software. More often than not, the existing hardware in these systems has long become obsolete, and cannot easily be replaced, this is where we come in. We at Dicoll specialise in providing unique solutions that offer the client the ability to extend the service life of their existing equipment at a fraction of the cost of a complete system overhaul. Our solutions range from providing LCDs to replace CRTs running on legacy video standards, to providing alternative media storage that can be faster and more reliable i.e. using newer, current devices that connect and operate just like the device being replaced.

Dicoll are contracted to retro engineer USB replacements for the original 9100 Tape Drive storage system as used on type 23 frigates. The new USB 9120 captures data much faster and stores 140x as much information as the old tape system. Dicoll Ltd are also contracted to maintain 4100 Terminals, which form part of naval weaponry systems.

At Dicoll we use the latest modern fabrication technologies to design all of our solutions ensuring that we can accept a wide variety of components selected for their optimal integration, access, performance and serviceability. We use high-powered engineering tools to prepare, install and build bespoke solutions. We supply and integrate all electronic components and test the operation of the systems ensuring that strict quality assurance controls are followed.

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