Polyamp AB

DC/DC Industrial Converters and Power Distribution

Polyamp supplies switched mode power supply systems with high reliability and dependable performance in harsh electrical and physical environments. Polyamp Systems Division design, manufacture and deliver signature management systems such as on-board Degaussing Systems, Underwater Multi Influence Sensor Systems, Mine Sweeping Supply Systems as well as Signature Management Software Systems. Polyamp customers are worldwide Navies, Governmental Authorities and Industries.

Product range covers:

  • DC/DC Converters 30W – 35kW.
  • AC/DC Power Supplies

Customers include railways, electric vehicles, the armed forces, air traffic control and the process and power industries including nuclear.

 DCDC Industrial Converters and Power Distribution Industrial Converters and Power Distribution Solutions

Applications include:

  • Forklifts
  • Electrical Vehicles
  • Trains and Track Side
  • Process Control
  • Power Plants (including nuclear)
  • Power / DC Distribution • Telecom
  • Radiocom
  • Industry
  • Naval and Military
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Radio applications

Naval Signature Management Systems - DCU Naval Signature Management Systems

 The Systems Division of Polyamp AB specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of Signature Management and Control Systems for Worldwide applications within the International Naval Industry.

Polyamp supplies Military Systems such as:

  • Degaussing Systems
  • Influence Mine Sweep Supply Systems; MSS2000
  • Range Software; SWECADE
  • UEP/ELFE Measurement Systems
  • Exercise Mine Systems; POEMS
  • Underwater Multi Influence Sensor System; UMISS

Customers include Shipyards, Navies, Governments and Prime Contractors from the International Naval Community.

Digital Degaussing Equipment - CVN-77 Digital Degaussing Equipment for Surface Ships and Submarines

The Company's experience in Degaussing is considerable with over more than 25 years that covers the design and supply of Digital Degaussing equipments for submarines, steel surface ships mine countermeasure vessels (MCMVs). All Polyamp AB Degaussing systems are fully digitalized, with multiple magnetometer controll, and all are of the Advanced type (ADG) and using the latest type of modern decentralized design. More than 45 in Service Degaussing Systems.

They include:

  • RSwN MCMVs type Landsort and Styrsö class
  • RSwN Gotland Class Submarines
  • RSwN Corvettes type Stockholm, Göteborg classes and the Visby Class Stealth Corvettes
  • Singapore Navy Bedok Class Minehunters & Challenger Class Submarines
  • US Navy San Antonio Class Landing Platform Docks
  • Royal Danish Navy Absalon Class Flexible Support Ships and Nils Juel class Frigates
  • Royal Danish Navy SF MKI MCMV vessels
  • US Navy CVN 77 Air Craft Carrier

UMISS -Underwater Multi Influence Sensor Systems MK II Other Systems delivered are:

  • Multi Influence Sensor Systems for France
  • UEP/ELFE sensor system for RSwN, US, Germany and other International Navies

Staff Background

The Polyamp Management and Production includes:

  • Electronic Engineers, Mechanical designers and Software engineers with very long system, production and design experience
  • System specialists with long experience in Electromagnetic Signature Management
  • All production personnel including Production preparation and purchase have very long experience in the electronics industry, many have worked for Polyamp for more that 25 years and all production personnel are qualified for their specific responsibilities

Locations and facilities

The head office of Polyamp AB is located in Sollentuna, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The activities of the Systems Division are concentrated in Sollentuna and includes project management, product development, final assembling, and systems tests prior to delivery and installation.

Polyamp is also located in Åtvidaberg some 240 km south of Stockholm. The international marketing, sales and supply of DC/DC converters for both Polyamp AB and Switch Craft SA is located in Åtvidaberg. The site produces the electronic sub assemblies for the Systems division products and has the product development, product maintenance, and electronic production and test facilities for the DC/DC converters. The factory in Åtvidaberg has newly been renovated and expanded with 40% more space all to built-new conditions.

The daughter company Switch-Craft S.A., is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, covers the development and production of AC/DC and DC/DC converters in the power range of 50 to 600 W.

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