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Night Vision Lighting for Naval and Marine PlatformsNight Vision Lighting for Naval and Marine Platforms

Oxley Group is highly regarded for its pioneering work in LED lighting for military platforms. Innovators in night vision lighting for aircraft and military vehicles, they are now leading the way in night vision upgrades and LED lighting for naval and marine platforms that have been designed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding military environment.  Oxley solutions have enhanced ships, fast patrol boats, submarines, hovercraft and naval aircraft across the world.

With a proven capability in the design, development and manufacture of naval and marine LED lighting, Oxley has an advanced suite of products that meet the diverse needs of the market. Whilst products are available both off the shelf and customised, both options benefit from the robust, reliable and high performance LED technology provided by Oxley.

Internal LED Lighting for Ships and Submarines

Internal LED Lighting for Ships and SubmarinesOxley naval compartment lighting is designed to replace ageing fluorescent and incandescent light fittings with high performance, low profile LED lighting in areas where headroom and increased space is a key issue. Proven for ship and submarine environments, products can accommodate features including high IP rating, battery back-up and explosion proof enclosures.

Oxley has a range of designs for the internal LED lighting requirements of surface ships and submarines that incorporate weight and size options, colour options, IP sealing, battery back-up and dimming options, ROHS compliance and a number of MIL-STD compliance conditions.
The various designs that make up the interior lighting suite are suitable for compartment lighting, area lighting and walkway floodlights.

External LED Lighting for Surface Ships

External LED Lighting for Surface ShipsWith significant experience in night vision upgrades for surface ships, Oxley range of external lighting includes a Flight Deck Lighting Suite that incorporates Centre Line Up lights, Deck Edge lights and Deck Status Lights; Bridge Lighting upgrades; Deck and Hanger Wash lights; Ships Navigation lights; Aviation Homing Beacon and Overhead Floodlights. Designed with the minimum space envelope available, Oxley solutions are ideal for both retrofit applications as well as new build vessels.

All external lighting should incorporate Oxley NVG Friendly™ technology while the bridge and flyco should be NVG compatible. Oxley also supply off-the-shelf components and spares.

Naval Aircraft NVG Lighting Upgrades

Operations at sea often demand multiple platform inter-operability with the requirement to launch aircraft from the flight deck at night. Oxley are able to carry out cockpit Naval Aircraft NVG Lighting Upgradesupgrades and external aircraft lighting upgrades alongside the ships lighting to ensure NVG compatibility during night operations. This is imperative to ensure that lights do not cause any deterioration to the NVG image.

Naval aircraft products include NVG compatible cockpit upgrades, dual mode wing tip, tail and anti-collision lights for day and night time flying. From individual cockpit components and indicator lamps to entire fleet upgrades and modifications, Oxley have a wealth of experience in designing and installing aircraft lighting systems.

Oxley past experience has seen the company provide night vision upgrades and lighting systems to the following naval aircraft:

• Lynx
• Sea King
• Super Puma
• EH-101
• EA-6B
• F-14
• F-18

LED Technology for Naval and Marine PlatformsLED Technology for Naval and Marine Platforms

At sea, LED technology has considerable benefits over traditional incandescent and fluorescent technology such as increased reliability, reduced power consumption and reduced through-life cost and maintenance with the need to use and carry spares virtually eliminated. Oxley LED technology also has the inbuilt benefit of being NVG compatible if required.

Oxley LED lighting systems also feature intelligent heat management software to protect the unit in the event of excessive ambient heat. The thermal dynamics ensure the LEDs are protected and operate at the optimum level, thereby ensuring optimum performance and life.

In-house testing facilities mean that all our LED lights are rigorously tested to ensure compliance against a range of qualification test requirements including temperature shock, low and high temperature operational, humidity, mechanical shock, sinusoidal vibration, ambient air pressure, salt fog, contamination by fluids, sealing and EMC.  

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