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Savox Communications is focused on providing professional radio accessories and communications equipment that improves the performance of individuals working in highly demanding environments around the globe.
Savox Communications has a unique combination of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing resources which in addition to its own range of branded products, it applies to making radio accessory products for many of the leading Radio and Personal Protection Equipment manufacturers in the world.
Serving the Police, Security, Fire, Search, Rescue, Defence, Maritime and Industrial sectors, Savox caters for the needs of the total spectrum of professional radio user.
With offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Finland, Luxembourg, USA, and a network of experienced distributors, Savox provides global support to you and your customers, wherever you are.

Maritime Intercoms Coastguard Intercom Communication Systems

Image courtesy of Richard Scott                                                            Image courtesy of Meripelastus

Maritime Intercoms

Clear communication in hostile environments has never been more important and the challenges never greater. Whether it’s on open sea’s or high speed operations on rivers, the need for clear, reliable, robust, ‘agile’ communications is critical for mission safety and success. ImP- MV is a maritime platform command and control system, that has been designed with exactly these challenges in mind, ensuring clear communication no matter the environment providing intercom, radio control and common core platform for data distribution around the boat.

RIB Headsets RIB Intercoms

Image courtesy of Finnish Defence Forces                                        Image courtesy of STS Defence

ImP addresses many of the conventional maritime intercoms shortcomings by providing:

  • High quality speech in open boats such as RIBS ( Rigid Inflatable Boats)
  • Total control over communications environment
  • Software defined and programmable
  • High speed data transfer
  • Ease of use
  • Simplified training and maintenance
  • Flexible and modular configuration options
  • Ease of installation

At the core of ImP is a digital,100mbit  Ethernet  backbone. This data highway allows capacity for both voice and data distribution using  Ethernet protocols and  for integration with navigation aids, engine management systems or video to be distributed to key user positions for complete command and control of the vessel.

Maritime Intercom Systems

Maritime Radio Controller and Speaker Microphone Maritime Radio Controllers
The URIC Universal Radio Controller

With voice guided menu controls, respirator voice projection mode and an interface to smart mobile phones, The Universal Radio Interface Controller (URIC)  from Savox is a rugged speaker microphone which allows multi radio & intercom connectivity. Fitted with a variety of radio controls, the C-C633 is a very versatile tactical speaker microphone with an optional wireless controller capability.


  • Up to 2 radio and intercom connectivity
  • Supports dual net radio connectivity and a further tactical radio inputs
  • Can be operated with SAVOX headsets, including in ear headsets
  • Built in 'SICR' - system (SAVOX Intelligent Cable Recognition System) which automatically configures radio and headset input/outputs
  • Integrated digital processor with software upgradable capability
  • Rugged and reliable operation
  • URIC to URIC connection providing local intercom capability
  • Connection to mobile phones

Maritime Rugged Waterproof Headsets Maritime Rugged Headsets
The Savox HP200
Rugged Communication Headset

A headset with hearing protection, peripheral awareness and ambient talk through. Designed for harsh environments including the maritime environment and also available in a fully waterproof variant.


  • Provides optimum protection with high amplification electronic talk through
  • Can be worn with most protective helmets
  • Both earmuffs are shaped to suit both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Boom Mic versions available, which can be fitted on left or right earcup
  • Two separate, well-shielded microphones for optimum stereo effect and spatial awareness
  • High amplification and natural sound reproduction without "chopping"
  • Aux input for connecting external audio sources
  • Watertight battery compartment

The Savox HC700D Dual Sided Headset with Boom Microphone

A general purpose lightweight dual sided tactical headset with boom microphone.


  • Dual earphones
  • Flexible boom microphone
  • User replaceable ear cushions
  • Rugged and reliable

Maritime Lightweight Dual Sided Headset Maritime Lightweight Single Sided Headset

The Savox HC700 Single Sided Lightweight Headset

A general purpose lightweight single sided tactical headset with boom microphone.


  • Single earphone
  • Flexible boom microphone
  • User replaceable ear cushions
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Can be fitted to SAVOX PTT's
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