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Modern ship fleet management and tough competition, increases the need for tools that reduce costs and improve efficiency.

One way to meet this need is to use IFS Applications™ for Shipbuilding—an integrated business solution specially designed to enhance competitiveness and improve the bottom line in the shipbuilding industry.

However, the IFS story in Maritime is much more.  Some 70% of the whole-life costs of complex equipment is in through life Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO).  Reducing support costs, enabling Contracting-for-Availability (CfA) and Class-Output-Management (COM) and increasing operational output all require intelligent and predictive support solutions.

IFS Applications™ for Maritime Support is the key through life enabler for Civil or Naval fleets.

About IFS
Fully-integrated Naval Software Solutions

Fully-integrated Naval Software Solutions Fully-integrated Naval Software Solutions and Maintenance Repair Naval Asset Management Solutions

IFS is one of the world’s leading providers of fully-integrated software solutions built on service oriented architecture (SOA) technology.  Founded in 1983, IFS Applications are designed to meet the demanding needs of the Defense industry.  For more than 10 years, IFS Defense has delivered value-added equipment support and business solutions to customers in the Defense Maritime sector.  The product development is driven to meet the rigorous demands of the changing Defense market, delivering easy to use and flexible solutions.  The focus is to enhance operational capability—helping to manage change, reduce costs, improve service and data quality. 

IFS Defense is present in 52 countries and is independently recognized as the global leader in Maritime Defense for maintenance and logistics solutions.

IFS Applications in Maritime—the Leading Integrated Maritime Solution

In both Defense and Merchant Fleets, to achieve high levels of combat or platform availability, both suppliers and asset maintainers need to continually improve performance of fleets, assets and the associated maintenance processes.  Agile and efficient fleet optimisation and management, fleet maintenance, service and re-fit needs to be synchronised in a Continuous Engineering Support (CES) environment leveraging the advantages of modern technology.

Working with a cross section of customers from commercial shipyards, specialist contractors inthe Defense sector and military end-users, IFS has built and deployed a solution with capabilities that covers all aspects of the lifecycle of maritime assets. 

IFS Naval Applications

Naval Maintenance Repair and Overhaul IFS Naval Service-Oriented Component Architecture Naval Fleet Asset Management

IFS Applications for Maritime Support covers sits comfortably in a ship/boat build design organisation, all stages of construction and sea trials, in-service operations, maintenance and repair, Contracting for Availability (CfA) and Class Output Management (COM).

IFS Applications is a single, fully integrated, Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) application product, where components can be selected to deliver the end-to-end processes needed to support maritime operations.  SOA makes the solution faster and easier to implement.  The inherent design of the application enables organisations to retain existing systems and integrate as much or as little of the IFS Application as needed— in the full knowledge that you can implement more functionality as and when you need to, as the Maritime operation evolves. This reduces risk bought on by change in the business and increases return on investment (ROI) in both a financial and operational context.

IFS Applications for Maritime Support

IFS Applications for Maritime supports major processes including:

Dockyards and Ports

  • Enterprise Business Management including Financials and HR
  • Deep Repair of Naval and Commercial Vessels
  • Major Refits
  • Maintenance, Defect Rectification and Capability Upgrades
  • Facilities Management
  • Logistics, Transport and Waterfront Support
  • Naval Design and Technical Service
  • Project and Document Management
  • Fleet Time Management
  • Business Modeling and Business Information
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Shore-based maintenance planning for all deployed platforms (UMMS)
  • Platform to Shore maintenance, spares and health monitoring data synchronization


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