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We are a highly skilled Marketing and Public Relations Consultancy with over 25 years experience in the Defence and Aerospace sectors. We are active on a number of worldwide programmes working as a business partner within our client community. Core to our offering are integrity, agility, quality and experience coupled with a strong desire to be part of your team. We work with you to identify your organisation’s needs and develop a structured plan of activities agreeing a budget with you and then implementing the programme.
Supplier Categories: Consultancy, Marketing, Media Relations
over the world. The sensors have properties which make them beneficial for the defence industry, as source (target) locating sensors, enhancing situational awareness.The particle velocity sensors can be used as extremely compact Acoustic Vector Sensors (AVS), capable of detecting, localising, identifying and tracking sound sources in 3D space.Microflown’s sensors are already established in the automotive industry, but the Dutch company has now secured their bridgehead in battlefield acoustics, in the detection of gunshots, mortars and aircraft.The Breakthrough.
Microporous Insulation in Peackeeping. The Microtherm Group has been the leading global provider of microporous insulation solutions for more than 40 years. They are the originators of many of the insulation system concepts in use today and they have built a reputation for absolute reliability and technical competence. Microtherm® insulation systems are used in aerospace, outer space, and by the armed forces in peacekeeping duties. The insulation is also used world-wide in all hot processing such as steel and non-ferrous metals manufacture, glass making, and all furnace applications.
Supplier Categories: Engineering, Microporpous Insulation
Molecular Products is a global leader in chemical technologies for the removal of carbon dioxide, the generation of oxygen and the filtration of hazardous or harmful emissions.Globally, Molecular Products supplies a large number of the world’s Navies with products to maintain a breathable atmosphere in submarines, by removing carbon dioxide and generating oxygen.
Supplier Categories: Manufacturing
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