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Habia Cable has more than 30 years' experience in the design and manufacture of wires and cables for high performance defence land forces applications. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of customers' requirements for applications ranging from fighting vehicles to field services. We can supply cables for internal crew and engine bay environments and externally mounted equipment services. Our experience as a major supplier in many European countries enables us to use pioneering materials which are able to meet the majority of internationally recognised specifications.
Supplier Categories: Cable, Connectors, Electrical Equipment
Hale Hamilton is in business of the design, development, manufacturing, supply and support of high performance valves and valve systems, required to perform under critical conditions of pressure, flow & cleanliness. Hale Hamilton specialise in the safe control and reduction of fluid pressures from as high as 15,000psi down to application pressures as low as <1.0psi. Compressed gases handled include: air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, CNG & others.
Supplier Categories: Hydraulic Valves, Manufacturing, Valves
Maritime Defense Systems. HALO Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) is developing the most state-of-the-art, technology-advanced Maritime Security Barrier Systems to protect strategic maritime assets like ports, naval bases, oil and gas facilities and other commercial and sensitive maritime assets. Ocean-ready and formidable, HALO™ is not a line of demarcation but rather a stable deterrent that effectively denies access to vital maritime assets.
Supplier Categories: Maritime Barrier, Security
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