Brugg Kabel AG

Brugg Kabel AG is Switzerland’s leading cable producer, a well-established, family owned Swiss company. We offer our customers an entire product range for the transmission of signals, either by cupper or by fiber-optic cables and power covering everything from low voltage cables up to 550 kilovolt high voltage cables and power supplies for construction sites.

In our in-house research and development department we work constantly on new innovative products. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop customized system solutions and handle large-scale projects for entire power supply systems. We are specialized in assembling special cables with connectors, ready made for customer’s applications.

Business Unit Security & Defense

In the military environment or related organizations like civil defense, homeland security or even in the broadcast industry, maximum requirements are placed on mobility, reliability and ruggedness of the information systems. The Business Unit Security & Defence offers to this market segment the necessary expertise, products and systems to meet these requirements in every respect.

We have decades of experience in the production and pre-assembly of tactical fiber-optic military cables, gained from our various armed force customers. Our fiber-optic cables are extremely sturdy and have withstood the test of time in applications under harsh field conditions. Constantly on the lookout for new, innovative solutions, we develop state-of-the-art, mobile communication systems tailored to our customers’ requirements. We concentrate on ease of handling, low maintenance, low susceptibility to repair and efficient logistics. The result is a range of high-quality, holistic solutions for fiber optic-based transmission and distribution of data.

Our solutions for tough operations

Military Fiber-Optic Cables and Connectors

Maximum demands are placed on mobility, reliability and ruggedness of the fiber optic cable connections in a military environment. Our BRUmil, BRUtough and BRUpowermil cables have been developed for the most varied uses under the harshest environmental conditions. Finished off with military connectors, on various reels with capacities for short cables up to extreme long cables (5 km), these cable assemblies are virtually unbeatable and guarantee a high level of availability combined with low life-cycle costs.

Military Cable Laying Service

Military Cable LayingThe reliability of a communication link depends ultimately on proper laying of the cable in the field. Benefit from our laying instruction training together with a large variety of useful accessories.

Lightning and Surge Protection

Lightning and Surge ProtectionThe aim is to protect both people and equipment under canvas against the dangerous effects of a lightning strike during a storm. Masts erected with ropes trap any lightning flashes and discharge them into the ground by way of earth spikes. The step voltage dangerous to animals and humans, which occurs in the vicinity of a lightning strike, is reduced to such an extent in the protection zone by using voltage-grading cables that there is no risk of harm to people. Due to the magnetic field that arises from a lightning strike, all metallic cables may conduct dangerous voltages. The central feed point CFP serves the purpose of coarse protection and eliminates those high voltages. All cupper cable inputs to the hardened equipment in the protected zone have to be protected by lightning protection filters.

Testing, Repair and Training

Maintenance and repair play an important part in ensuring the reliability of systems. Our range includes all the resources needed - everything from mobile, optical testing equipment to field-proven repair kits. We also have the necessary know-how to generate the maintenance and repair solutions required in a military environment. Together with our training courses, which are tailored to customer requirements, we create conditions to enable the best possible preventive and corrective maintenance.

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