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Consultancy, Design, Development and Testing ofCustom-Built Engines. The Special Products Division of E. P. Barrus Ltd is a dedicated team set-up to design and develop custom-built engines and accessories to meet the specific operational requirements of its professional customers. The team has the experience and knowledge to solve the stringent requirements and applications of specialist organisations including professional rescue services, the military and other government and commercial organisations.Custom-Engine Building and Test Facilities.
In an uncertain world where conditions in the field evolve rapidly, a fast and flexible, truly broad-spectrum response is essential to maintaining optimal combat efficiency and meeting increasingly challenging demands. This necessitates a willingness to change and adapt in line with quickly shifting operational considerations. Our rapid re-engineering and design services tackle equipment obsolescence and supply chain challenges by helping the end-user maximise the effectiveness of already existing resources.
Blue Wolf is a top recognized leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of lighting products used in commercial, military, and marine applications worldwide.With over 50+ years of design and manufacturing experience. Blue Wolf’s expanding global client base includes Rotor and Fixed wing aircraft, Emergency services aircraft, Industrial applications, marine underwater lighting applications, Military Land, Air, and Sea vehicles. NIGHT VISION LIGHTING.
A world-leading provider of advanced noise and vibration testing and measurement solutions for operational, production and R&D applications.Brüel & Kjær specialises in systems that ensure structural reliability, performance and optimal design, and that manage the acoustics of military vessels for surface and underwater use.Complete Systems from One Partner.
Supplier Categories: Noise and Vibration Testing
Brugg Kabel AG is Switzerland’s leading cable producer, a well-established, family owned Swiss company. We offer our customers an entire product range for the transmission of signals, either by cupper or by fiber-optic cables and power covering everything from low voltage cables up to 550 kilovolt high voltage cables and power supplies for construction sites. In our in-house research and development department we work constantly on new innovative products.
Buffers Marine is representing our own brand Northgear – with products such as Ballistic Floatation vests, Dive Suits, Survival Suits, Carrying Bags and Travel Packs. Many of our items have NSN NATO stock numbers and Buffers Marine AB is also ISO 9001 certified.Total concept solutions and various system solutions make us an overall supplier for many military, police and maritime organizations in both Scandinavia and all over the world. Buffers Marine AB is also the military supplier for Baltic lifejackets and vests.Northgear Diving and Survival Equipment.
Supplier Categories: Manufacturing
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