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Aish Technologies is an established engineering-led company that specialises in rugged electronics packaging, signature management and display systems for defence and commercial markets worldwide. The company has been active the defence market for over seventy years, with a legacy in the design and manufacture of rugged consoles, enclosures and electronic systems.

Today’s products include rugged multifunction consoles, flat screen displays, electronics cabinets and enclosures, and low-signature impressed current cathodic protection systems. These are supplemented by related services such as subcontract manufacturing, design consultancy and programme management.

Aish Technologies has gained a reputation as an agile and responsive mid-tier company whose goal is to provide innovative and best-value solutions to its customers through the use of first-class design and manufacturing facilities staffed by a highly trained and committed team.

Rugged Multifunction Consoles

Rugged Multifunction ConsolesAish Technologies is a market leader in display workstations and multifunction consoles, ergonomically designed for both surface ship and submarine systems, with examples fitted throughout the Royal Navy and other naval fleets. In addition, consoles can be fitted into military vehicles for battlefield operations, control of UAVs etc. Free-standing and bulkhead mounting consoles are available in single, dual and triple display configurations, utilising display sizes of 18”-24”; these designs can be tailored to suit specific physical or environmental conditions. The consoles can be fitted with COTS processing in ATX, PIC-MG or cPCI form factor, suitable for Windows, Linux or real-time environments.

Low Signature Cathodic Protection

Cathodic ProtectionImpressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) is the process of substantially eliminating hull corrosion in ships and submarines by superimposing controlled electrical currents onto the hull. These electrical currents will have DC and AC components, both of which can result in signatures that could be used for detection, or for the triggering of mines.

Aish’s Series 300 system reduces the AC signature component to negligible levels, and modeling of hull component layout can reduce the DC signature and predict how it may change with time. The Aish C3P System is computer-controlled, and not only provides negligible AC signatures, but also permits management of the DC signature, known as ‘de-amping’

Rugged Enclosures

Advanced mechanical and thermal modelling tools underpin Aish Technologies’ innovative approach to the design of rugged cabinets and enclosures. These allow us to produce mounted and portable enclosures that are optimised for electronics packaging density and environmental performance whilst minimising weight and volume. Enclosures of any form factor and ‘U’ height can be supplied, manufactured in aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel. For many applications the use of proprietary aluminium extrusions allows environmental read-across and reduces the need for qualification testing. The units can be supplies as basic enclosures with or without thermal (including chilled water) and power management, up to fully-wired cabinets including customer’s cabling and modules.

Rugged Flat Panel Displays

Rugged Flat Panel DisplaysAish Technologies has taken advantage of the latest innovations in COTS active matrix LCD screen technology to design and produce a range of rugged flat panel displays that outperform its competitors in a number of key areas. Improved picture quality, viewing angle, contrast ratio and response time have resulted in reduced operator fatigue and freedom from refresh artefacts, making them especially suited to Sonar.

Display sizes range from 8.4” to 55”, and include both standard and wide aspect ratios. Smaller displays are fitted with touch masks; some can be supplied with integral processing. Full details are available on request.

Subcontract Manufacturing

The same superb manufacturing facilities and project management infrastructure that make our own products so competitive are available on a build to print basis, for both defence and commercial markets. Process improvements such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, plus a continuous investment in machine tools and resource planning systems, have created a first class one-stop-shop for companies looking to outsource their manufacturing. Capabilities include MIG, TIG and spot welding using coded welders; CNC laser cut sheet metal and CNC 3-axis machining; spray painting; copper and fibre-optic wiring; mechanical and electrical assembly; electronics assembly in purpose-built clean room facilities.


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