Vitavox Submarine Dive Chamber Intercom System (DCIS) Development

Vitavox loudspeakers, designed specifically for ships, are currently British Royal Navy stock items. They are for use both above and below deck in noisy areas, such as near propulsion machinery and helicopter loading bays. They also comply with both the relevant British standards and UK MoD specifications. The loudspeakers have been tested by the British Royal Navy to 70G force and have the critical benefit of being designed and proven to be both blast and shockwave proof. Their sheer durability and reliability makes them the best choice for communication safety and low through-life cost.

Vitavox are now using this superior design ethic as a component of the Dive chamber intercom communications system. Embarking and disembarking divers requiring the hands free operation of a fully pressure and waterproof communications system can now rely upon the Vitavox DCIS. This system is controlled by the dive chamber operator on the ‘dry side’ of the chamber whilst the ‘wet side’ is able to communicate without the need to take any physical action other than speaking.

Vitavox's DCIS will last the full life of the boat with minimal maintenance and repairs being required

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