Vitavox membership of the Aerospace Defence Security ADS) trade organisation

Vitavox manufacture and supply rugged military communication systems, loudspeakers, handsets and microphones that provide real value to the UK and worldwide MoD’s both on land and at sea.

A|D|S is the UK trade organisation representing Aerospace, Defence, and Security industries. Vitavox has been a member since the formation of the organisation.

In recent times, the Vitavox brand has undergone a significant transformation with the expansion of the Vitavox product range into the land arena. This reflects Vitavox’s commitment and understanding of consistently developing high specification audio equipment required by the Company’s growing customer base within the Global defence industry. We are now able to offer first class military communication systems, including vehicle intercoms, up to and including tank specification.

As a leading expert in this field we are aware of the intense issues surrounding military communications equipment. Within the defence industry it is a fundamental requirement that products are functional, durable and effective when used in damaging and hazardous operational environments. This is inherent with all Vitavox products as they are designed with through life reliability and operational requirements as basic features.

The Company shares the A|D|S commitment to providing products that will support UK and world-wide armed forces on deployment and in theatre. We do our best to ensure the effectiveness of our equipment in the hands of the operational end user.

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