Expansion of the Single Channel Portfolio: R70 & R100 Waveguide Joint Families


In the SPOTLIGHT edition 4/2011, the first R84 joint family of the new generation was already introduced. Today, as part of the consequent revision of our portfolio, SPINNER presents joints in the waveguide sizes R70 and R100. The two families expand the existing range of products in line with the increasing demand for joints in these frequency ranges.

SPINNER joint - HL R100 635014 SPINNER joint - HL R100 635015 SPINNER joint - HL R100 635016

HL R100 Technical Data Table For each of the two new waveguide sizes, joints are offered in I, L, and U style that distinguish themselves with excellent RF properties. The characteristic values (see tables) were achieved due to the longstanding expertise of our development engineers, the optimum use of specifi c simulation software and the consequent application of CAD-CAM methods.

The design consists of only a few, but highly precise and complex components that can be repeatedly produced in modern automated manufacturing systems under series production requirements with consistent quality. Thanks to the monolithic construction in the waveguide coaxial transition, it has been possible to reduce the number of installed components to a minimum.

Typical measured RF Channel Characteristics for R100 L-Style

In the RF range, the limited number of joining and contact surfaces results in a very constant characteristic resistant to fluctuations with low variance. In addition to this, optimum heat transfer is achieved so that relatively high RF power can be transmitted without any problems. This compact design exhibits very good and constant RF values throughout the entire operating temperature range.

Another effect of the limited number of components and the high simulation depth is the robust design which does not require any special alignment measures. This has already been demonstrated impressively with the prototypes that have met these requirements straight away.

Thanks to a sealing system that has been specifically manufactured for SPINNER, pressure of 2x105 Pa (2 bar) can be applied with low torque in the entire temperature range whilst ensuring high durability and tightness. Thus, IP65 can be achieved consistently in accordance with DIN EN 60529.

R70 BN 634911 R70 BN 634912 R70 BN 634913/14

Altogether, these joints are the perfect supplement to the SPINNER portfolio in the field of single channel waveguide rotary joints. These products are characterized by a fair market price with a high level of precision, quality and durability at the same time.

These joint families are also ideal as a basis or point of reference for a number of customized solutions or developments. Accordingly, variations in the frequency range or customized mechanical adjustments (exterior geometry, interfaces or mounting flanges) can, for instance, be implemented with only little effort. A further expansion of the portfolio to even more waveguide sizes is possible at any time.

Typical measured RF Channel Characteristics for R70 I-Style

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